Winter Magic comes to OTTAWA!

Holidays don't have to be confined to just one day. Not in the city of Ottawa!
With the winter season fast approaching with a lot of events, which might seem like a one time deal, but if you are a home buyer looking to buy your new home in Ottawa, that is a great opportunity to incorporate a lot of those events and change them into a long-lasting family tradition!
From art, to sports and farmers' markets, Ottawa has it all, a little bit for everyone!
This article will guide you through those events, unfortunately, we cannot cover all of them, but we can cover those who we will visit for sure and make it our yearly tradition!
November and December are filled with events covering movies and the art behind it, including Digi60 Filmmakers' Festival as well as Ottawa Canadian Film Festival!
There is a little bit for everyone, and these events will cover movies as well as provide conferences and meetings for aspiring movie makers, there is room to learn and to have fun while doing it!
The Ottawa Canadian Film Festival will be covering several movies from the 12th of November all the way to the 21st of November, there is a wide variety of Narrative and Documentary movies, some being short films, while others are Feature-Length films!
If you are looking to move to Ottawa with your family, or to even start a family, there are plenty of Family-focused events to build memories that you will be able to cherish down the road!
Some of which are Ottawa Children’s Festival of the Arts, which is an annually occurring event that aims at providing children with a way to engage with arts in a dynamic and fun educational way!
Nurturing your children's desire for creativity, as well as having quality family time and venting off the stress which has built up during the pandemic!
This is not all! There will be an event called: “Ottawa Children's Storytelling Festival" , once again an annual event where passionate and professional storytellers tell engaging stories for kids of all ages in English as well as French! Enjoy that precious family time while listening to stories and watching your kid's eyes glow up with excitement!
In case you are single looking for a new home, or do not have a family yet, there is plenty to do as well to make the winter period so much more fun and enjoyable!
Some of which are the plentiful Farmers' Markets, Flea Festivals, plenty of light shows which are incredibly relaxing and romantic, it might just lead for you to move from single, to taken, the winter magic might take you even to becoming engaged!
No matter what your plans are for the future, buying a home and starting from a stable community, where you can grow, learn, expand, is the key to reaching any goal you set out for yourself!

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Allow us to help you make that first step, allow us to help find your hidden staircase to happiness!