Prepare Your Home for Sale This Winter With These Staging and Selling Tips

During the winter, you might wonder if anyone is buying houses. Despite the fact that spring and summer are the busiest seasons for home sales and relocation, the market doesn't shut down completely in the dead of winter. According to some experts, the time of year works in your favour because there is less competition for sellers.
Afraid to list your house during the winter? Think again. Don't believe everything you've been told. You can still get your full asking price by putting in a little more effort to make the home appear cozy, warm, and welcoming given the current weather.
To help you, we've compiled a list of our favourite winter home staging and selling tips.
It is Critical to Keep Walkways and Driveways Clear of Snow
When you're trying to sell a house, snow is one of the biggest headaches. It's critical to clear any walkways and driveway so that buyers and agents can move around the property without any incidents. Sprinkle rock salt or sand on icy patches to prevent slips and falls.

Use a Lot of Light to Brighten Up the Space
Even though winter isn't known for long periods of bright sunshine, make the most of what you do have. If you can’t get any natural light from your windows, close the blinds or curtains, and turn on the lights in every room, closet, and even the basement and/attic. Use a spotlight or accent lighting to bring some light into a dark corner of your room.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature in Your Home
You don't want the house to be too hot or too cold when you have visitors coming to look at it. Temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius are ideal.

Create a Cozy and Comfortable Atmosphere
A roaring fire, fluffy blankets, and a sultry atmosphere are all hallmarks of wintertime. You can entice buyers by doing a few simple things to create a welcoming atmosphere:
Throw a soft blanket over a chair's arm or the sofa's back to provide extra warmth and comfort.
Set the table like you're going to a nice dinner party. Consider setting up an area in your home where you can relax and read comfortably.
The use of copper string lights, white fairy lights, and LED candles can all contribute to creating a magical atmosphere for your guests. Select music that fits the mood of a chilly day, but don't overdo it with it. Consider a relaxing atmosphere like that of a favourite coffee shop with soft background music that promotes contemplation.
While it's fine to have a few holiday decorations up, avoid going overboard!

Avoid Using Products with Overpowering Scents
You want your house to smell nice, but you don't want to overpower your guests with a lot of different fragrances. You never know what kinds of odours a person will be able to tolerate or not tolerate. Instead of using scented sprays or candles with overpowering scents, opt for something more natural. In order to create a more festive atmosphere, try baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies before potential buyers arrive.  If you don’t have the time to, diffusers come in handy. You can use bergamot, peppermint, or cinnamon.

Provide Delectable Sweets as an Incentive
Consider all of your senses, including taste. Place homemade marshmallows and hot cocoa powder in apothecary or Mason jars.
Set up a tea station on your counter if that's more your style. Put an attractive teapot on a sleek tray with a jar of honey or raw sugar cubes and a few silk bags of ginger tea or loose leaf in them, as well as a few clear shot glasses. In the middle of a freezing night, what could possibly be more enticing?

Don't be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There
Decorate urns and planters with colourful dogwood branches, birch logs, and cedar boughs for a striking look in your home. Decorate your front door with a large wreath from your local nursery or make your own out of birch twigs, cedar, and feathers. Adding bay leaves, lavender, and sage to a traditional grapevine herb wreath will give it a unique flair.
Instead of an old, dingy doormat, use a festive winter-themed sisal welcome mat, and keep a boot tray handy for soaking wet shoes. 

*** If all these suggestions seem too much, engage the services of a home stager who can help you arrange rooms so that they are easily navigable, furniture placed accordingly, and highlight special features of your home.

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