It may be 20 degrees in certain areas of the province right now, but that will change soon enough. The shifting weather conditions that come with the onset of winter might cause harm to your home. So, the question is, is your home prepared for the winter?
Below you will learn how to maintain and update the outside and inside of your home, as well as how to make your place more inviting for the winter and upcoming holidays!


 Check for Loose Roof Shingles
To keep moisture and ice buildup at bay, make sure your roof and gutters are in good repair. To begin, check your roof for any sagging or missing shingles and tighten them up if necessary. Unless the damage is severe, consult with a professional for help repairing a damaged roof or learn how to do it yourself online.
Gutters Should Be Cleaned Frequently
Since you're on the roof checking for loose shingles, take this opportunity to clean out the gutters and, if you haven't already, add a leaf guard. On a warm day, spray water through downspouts to clean them.
Turn off the Faucets on the Outside of Your Home
To avoid bursting pipes, disconnect your hose and remove any residual water from the faucet.
Avoid Frost Damage to Plants
The winter cold will kill tender, young plants. Cover them with a blanket or plastic sheet at night to keep them safe. Be sure to remove any plastic before the sun touches the plant, or else it may become overheated.
Seal all Window Gaps and Doors
Fill up any cracks around your windowsill or doors with caulk to keep cool air out.


If You Have a Chimney, Make Sure it's Clean Before Using
Before you spark a fire, make sure you beam a flashlight up the chimney just to be safe. Call a chimney professional if you see any cracks or black soot in your chimney.

Get Rid of Any Moisture Issues
In the winter, nothing is worse than being stuck in a damp home, and this is frequently as a result of an issue with water infiltration. Indicators may vary from room to room: there may be rings on the ceiling or wall, loose roofing tiles, or a warped floor. Take a trip around your home to check for damage before the snow starts to fall.
Furnace Maintenance
Before putting the furnace on to work all day, every day, have a certified expert do a maintenance check on it. You may save money on your energy bills and avoid an expensive repair if your furnace is running properly. This is especially important on the coldest day of the year.


Change Your Decor for a Cozier Feel
No one wants to constantly redo the interior decor of their home. Even so, it's a good idea to keep two separate accessory collections handy, one summery and the other wintery, that may be used to accent the same room's furnishings and wall colour.
The best feeling in the world is crawling into a warm bed at the end of a long, chilly day. Make your bedroom appear more wintery by using textures and colours like thick velvet curtains in warm colours, longhaired rugs, flannel pillows and a wool throw. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Additionally, set the mood for the upcoming holidays by hanging string lights throughout your home.
Add Seasonal Scents
If you have an air conditioner, it's extremely vital to aerate your home before winter arrives. This contributes to cleaning up the air, which can be incredibly filthy. In the fall, leave all doors and windows open for at least an hour. Improving air quality can also be accomplished by cleaning filters, such as those in the kitchen hood vents and air exchangers. Spread fall scents to set the atmosphere. Use candles or essential oil dispensers to fill the home with a comforting smell like cinnamon or vanilla that will make you want to cuddle up and relax.
It's critical for everyone's well-being to have a warm and cozy home throughout the cold months. Nobody wants to spend their leisure time at home huddled up in a ball of blankets. The list above should help you understand what you need to do to prevent your home from turning into a frozen wasteland during the winter months.
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